Game Night With The Best Board Games For Couples

Sometimes keeping things new and interesting with your partner can be more difficult than it sounds, and I don’t just mean in the bedroom.  As a couple, it’s easy to fall into a routine and just simply go through the motions of your days without thinking much of it. Board games are a great way to come together on something that will get you both talking and involved.

Even if the game is just silly, it’s getting both people interested in what the other is doing, and can create a little friendly competition between the two of you. And, if it’s more than just the two of you that need to be entertained, we have you covered here too.  There seems to be one couple in every network of friends that is hosting a night for everyone else to see each other. Well, with the help of this list, maybe you can be that couple and get all your friends together for a game night.

I’ve broken down my recommendations for the best board games for couples into two different categories: games that are best in larger groups of couples, and games that are a bit more intimate and should be played between just you and your partner. To help you in your search for quality games for adult couples, I’ve provided my favorite game from each category.

Best Board Games For Couples List

Best Couples GamesAgePlayersBest ForPlaytimeRating
1-5 (stars)
XXXopoly - Adult Board Games

18+2Just for 245 min4
Loaded Questions

13+ 3~6 Group45 min4.5
Battle Of The Sexes Board Game

16+ 2~8 Just for 2/Group 45 min4
SEXXXtions - The Hilarious NEW Adult Party Game that turns TMI into Too Much Fun!

18+5~8 Group30 min4.5
Wackee Six Card Game

6+2~6Just for 2/Group15 min5
Monogamy A Hot Affair Game - EDO-6252-01

18+2Just for 230 min4.5
'Table Topics - Couples, Blue'

18+2 Just for 215 min4.5
Blokus Duo Game

5+2Just for 220 min4.5
Pocket Ungame Couples Version

16+2Just for 220 min4.5
I've Never Board Game Adult Version

21+ 2~8 Just for 2/Group 45 min4.5

Board Games for Groups Of Couples – Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions is a very popular game and for good reason. It can be very revealing of who people really are deep down, and it’s just as good at showcasing how well you know your group of friends. And before I start in on the details, I would advise that this game be played between a group of friends that are at least acquaintances with everyone in the group. I will explain this further in a moment.

How the game works is there is a neutral question that is asked of all the players except the judge. Who gets to play the role of the judge changes every turn. The question is not trivia, it most often asks the opinion of the player, or puts out a hypothetical like “if your house was burning down, what would be the first thing you grabbed before running out?” That one is a bit generic, but the questions provided in the game can bring out some enlightening answers from players, and some are just so completely whacky, that there’s no way not to get a laugh out of your answer.

It’s for this reason that the game shouldn’t be played with unfamiliar people to the group. Because once all the answers have been turned in, the judge gets them read to him/her and they have to guess who said each answer. If the judge doesn’t know anyone in the group, then it will be difficult and uncomfortable for them to start assigning answers to people. So, if you’ve got a new girlfriend/boyfriend that you want to meet your friends, this game would not be ideal.

This is often the fault of the answers, because if you play like I do, I am the only one that should be held accountable for the terrible things that I say. And, trust me, terrible things will, and should be said in this game in order to maximize your fun. To me, no game is complete until at least half of the people in the room have gasped in shock. Loaded Questions provides ample opportunities for just such reactions.
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