Choosing the Best Party Board Games – Party On!

Like many board games, choosing the best party board games for your specific needs simply comes down to – who will be playing the game?  This particular category has many options because a party can consist of many age groups and genders.  For example, if you’re having a Kids party you obviously would not want to bring out an adult game like Cards Against Humanity. Likewise, if you bust out a kids game like the Sneaky Squirrel for your office party or a family holiday gathering, it will most likely not be a hit either.

In researching which of the best party board games to add to our list, I found that there are basically 4 categories within the party game genre. These sub categories should meet every audience’s needs and help narrow down the best choices for you.  Here they are in no particular order…

  • Family – For a family get together (Holidays, Birthdays, etc). Diverse age group and genders.  Basically, a game you can play with Grandma and still have a good time.
  • Office -For adult men and women ages 16+.  Politically correct and non-offensive.  Typically for 8+ players
  • Adults – A get together with 4 or more people, possibly some alcohol involved, ages 17+, men and women, college dorm.
  • Kids – Kids only, maybe a parent or two to teach and monitor the game

What makes a great party board game

The best party board games should be – simple to learn, interactive, fun and FUNNY.  They should not be extra competitive nor have to rely on complex strategies or tactics to win.  Social interaction between the players is usually what creates the best experience for all involved.  Laughing and having a good time should be more important than actually winning the game.  If your chosen game meets these criteria, then you and your guests are in for a great time.

What can ruin a great party board game

Difficulty level – There are many party board games out there that are rated highly and are overall great games.  However, one important thing to look for when choosing the best is – How long does it take to learn?  If a game does not have simple rules and you have to spend ample amounts of time explaining them, this can greatly effect the flow and fun of the game.

Learn the game –  To help keep the game flowing and fun I recommend you learn the game well before you bust it out for your party.  For best experience there should always be a moderator who knows the game well and can answer any questions quickly to keep the game moving.  If you have not played the game, find someone who has and ask them to help moderate.

Theme specific games – Games like Duck Dynasty, or Scene It -Twilight Saga for example, are games which are considered great fun to those who are familiar with the theme.  But, may not be fun to someone who has never watched the show, movie, etc.

Best Party Board Games List

Best Party GamesAge yrsPlayersBest ForPlaytimeRating 1-5 (stars)
Telestrations 12 Player Party Pack

8+4~12All30 min5
Cards Against Humanity

17+4~8Adult30 min5
Reverse Charades

6+6~99All30 min4.5

8+4~99All10 min4.5
Werewolves of Millers Hollow

10+8~18Family, Office, Adult30 min4.5
Spot It

7+2~8Family, Kids15 min5
Say Anything

13+3~8Adult 30 min4.5
Wits and Wagers Party

10+4~20Office, Adult 20 min4.5
Apples to Apples Party Box - The Game of Hilarious Comparisons (Family Edition)

13+4~10Family30 min4.5
Smarty Party

10+3~8Family, Adult45 min4.5
Word On The Street - The Hilarious Tug Of Words

12+2~8Family20 min4.5
Smart Ass

12+2~8Family30 min4.5
Time's Up - Deluxe

13+3~8Family, Adult60 min4.5
Spontuneous ® Party Board Game - The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life®!

9+4~10All30 min4.5

10+6~99All25 min4.5



Best Party Board Games – Our Favorites!

 Best Family Party Board Game – Smart Ass

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Best Office Party Board Game – Time’s Up!

81Z6Sa7IPiL._SL1500_Time’s Up is a very simple game that works great for a mixed crowd, or even a non-gaming crowd. That’s what makes it perfect for the office. If you’re playing a game at the office, you’re bound to end up with a few clueless people.

Teams can be divided up however you like, but there must be enough people on each team for a describer and a guesser. The cards that the describer is reading contain names of people; these people could be from a book, a movie, or a real person. The describer has to give clues to get the rest of the team to guess who is on the card. But, that’s just the first round.

In the second round, clues must consist only of one word, and the team only has one guess before the card cannot be scored. What ends up happening is there are often names in the deck that people do not know, so they end up giving clues that have nothing to do with who the person actually is, but rather just ways to get them to say the name.  This always influences the hilarious outcomes of the second round. The third round is charades.

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Best Adults Only Party Board Game – Cards Against Humanity

pic1104600_tAt this point, most people are aware of this game, but if you haven’t played it, then you do not realize its greatness. If you don’t know, that’s fine. Cards Against Humanity is almost exactly the same in concept to Apples to Apples: the judge picks the top card off the deck of adjectives, and everyone else in the game has noun cards. Non-judge players throw in the noun card that they feel best suits the definition of the adjective, the judge decides the most fitting card and the owner of that card wins the round.

I remember playing Apples to Apples for the first time and thinking that the game was fun, but the cards lacked a little life at times. The best moments in Apples to Apples always seemed to be when somebody would say something terribly inappropriate. For example: the adjective for the round is “comfortable” and someone plays the noun “electric chair,” or something really offensive like the adjective being “compassionate” and someone plays “Adolf Hitler.”

Well, Cards Against Humanity is a game built entirely on that kind of humor. This game is not for the faint of heart. If you get uncomfortable around the topics of race, religion, risky sex acts, and the debasement of political pundits, then perhaps Cards Against Humanity isn’t for you. But, if you can let loose and embrace the absurdity of the game, it’s difficult to find a game that creates more belly laughs.

It’s best to play this game in moderately mixed company. If you play with five standup comedians, no one is offended, no one is shocked, it’s just people saying terrible things. But, if you have two of those comedians and someone’s girlfriend that still collects Disney Princess dolls, you’ll get the perfect combination of gasps and hoots that will entertain everyone for an entire evening.’s #1 selling game for all of 2013, with a 5 star rating and over 5000 reviews.

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Best Kids Party Board Game – King of Tokyo

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